Wednesday Practice Report

KNOXVILLE - The Tennessee football team may be showing the effects of a squad ready to put practice behind them and just play ball.

Head coach Phillip Fulmer was less than impressed with his team's mental focus on Wednesday afternoon. However, he did point to several bright spots around the club, too.

"We didn't have our best of days today," Fulmer said when asked how practice went. Fulmer did have high praise for his punt returner, Jonathan Hefney.

"I think he's a real weapon," Fulmer said of Hefney. "He's as dynamic as we've had here." "Anytime you play a game like this, the kicking game will be a big part of it," Fulmer said.

As for the Vols two freshman quarterbacks, Fulmer reiterated his indifference as to who starts.

"I don't think it really matters," Fulmer said. "We haven't talked about it as a staff, nor does it concern us. The guy that's consistent and takes care of the football will stay in the game. If they both do it than that's great."

The Florida Gators present a little double trouble of their own in the running game. Fulmer and the rest of the coaches have certainly taken note.

"They can give you a pretty big double dose of problems and our defense has its work cut out," Fulmer said.

The Vols offensive line hopes to have another strong showing, too. The unit has worked extensively on handling the wet ball, just in case the rains come on Saturday.

"We've worked hard on the snaps," Fulmer said. "It's more of just the confidence of handling it. There are techniques that you teach. Yesterday we had our takeaway drills with wet balls. The receivers and quarterbacks and defensive backs all handled the wet ball."

Randy Sanders, Tennessee's offensive coordinator wasn't exempt from a drill offensive lineman Jason Respert termed the "wet coach drill". Respert dumped a cooler of ice water on Sanders as the two were leaving practice.

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