Vols have more weapons

Today's amazing stat, part 1: Tennessee's 10 touchdowns this fall have been scored by 10 different players. Brent Schaeffer, C.J. Fayton, Gerald Riggs, Robert Meachem, Tony Brown, Corey Larkins, Jabari Davis, Justin Reed, Bret Smith and Jayson Swain have produced one each.

This suggests Tennessee has more playmakers than a year ago, when James Banks was pretty much the team's only scoring threat.

''There's no doubt we've got more weapons,'' offensive coordinator Randy Sanders said. ''I don't know how many touchdowns Justin Reed's going to score but it was certainly nice to see him get the ball in the end zone (vs. Florida). You EXPECT Jayson Swain and Chris Hannon and Robert Meachem and C.J. Fayton and Bret Smith to be playmakers.

''To me, one of the biggest differences in our offense, compared to where we were the last couple of years, is how the wide receivers are playing. When they're playing good, that makes the run game better. If they (opponents) want to gang up on the run game, that opens things up in the passing game. And right now those guys (wideouts) are making plays.''

Today's amazing stat, part 2: Tennessee has 10 touchdown drives this season, and each of them covered at least 80 yards.

So much for the idea that freshman quarterbacks would be so mistake-prone that the attack would have to rely on big plays to score ...

''I'm very impressed with the fact we've been able to do that,'' Sanders said. ''I'm disappointed we've had to go 80 yards that many times; field position has not been real good to this point.

''We're getting a lot of opportunities to go 80 yards but I really didn't think it was something we'd be able to do very consistently. You'd think with freshman quarterbacks and all the new starters in the offensive line, sooner or later somebody'd mess up to stop a drive. But the line's been tremendous, the quarterbacks have shown great poise and we haven't made those mistakes that stop us.''

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