Why not both QBs at once?

While fans debate whether Tennessee should start Brent Schaeffer or Erik Ainge in Saturday's game with Auburn, here's a thought: Why not use both at once?

Kentucky used pocket passer Jared Lorenzen and scrambler Shane Boyd in the same lineup last season -- one going behind center and the other going in motion just before the ball was snapped. Now it seems Tennessee might do the same with Schaeffer and Ainge.

''We have thought about it,'' offensive coordinator Randy Sanders said. ''There will come a time when defenses start calling the game differently based on who's in (at quarterback). I haven't seen that yet but there may come a time when Brent's in the game that it's a lot more contain-oriented rush, whereas if Erik's in the game it's more of a go-sack-the-passer rush.''

If opponents begin basing their defense solely on which QB is in the game, Sanders may give them quite a dilemma by putting both quarterbacks on the field simultaneously.

''When you have 'em both in the game, what are they going to do then?'' Sanders asked rhetorically. ''They don't know who's going to go where, so that (both playing at once) is definitely a possibility.''

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