Pollack poses problems

David Pollack is a difference-maker, as he proved in last year's Tennessee-Georgia football game.

It was Pollack who stormed through a gap on the final play of the first half, causing a goalline fumble that Bulldog safety Sean Jones returned 92 yards for a touchdown to turn what should've been a 14-13 Tennessee lead into a 20-7 Georgia lead.

Then, once the Vols slipped into all-out passing mode in an effort to come from behind, it was Pollack who hit Casey Clausen on a second-half pass attempt that was picked off to set up another Georgia touchdown. And it was Pollack who deflected another pass moments later that was intercepted to set up yet another Bulldog TD.

''Last year, when we got behind and had to start throwing, he took over the game at that point,'' Vol offensive coordinator Randy Sanders said. ''He took it from a game where we were behind but had a chance to catch up to a game where we were way behind and the game was over ... basically in a three- or four-play period.

''Obviously, we can't allow that to happen. Hopefully, we'll be able to keep the game where we can mix the run and the pass, so he can't pin his ears back and get up the field like he did last year.''

Pollack gets another shot at UT this Saturday in Athens. Making matters worse is the fact first-team right tackle Arron Sears is doubtful for the game. That means juco transfer Albert Toeaina probably will make his first start against the NCAA's premier pass rusher. Asked if he'll provide some help for Toeaina by having a tight end or fullback double-team Pollack, Sanders nodded emphatically.

''We have to help on Pollack, no matter who's blocking him -- whether it's Albert or Richie (Gandy) or Arron or Michael or whoever -- because he's a great football player,'' the coordinator said.

Philllip Fulmer is another guy with a healthy respect for Pollack.

''He's a handful,'' the Vols' head coach said. ''There aren't many people who can stop him. He's got an incredible motor. If you're not playing against him, he's fun to watch.''

Obviously, this is not the ideal time for Arron Sears to be sidelined and a new tackle pressed into service. Reminded of this, Fulmer replied: ''What choice have you got?''

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