Pickers look to bounce back

Tennessee quarterbacks Erik Ainge and Brent Schaeffer weren't the only duo to ''hit the wall'' last weekend. While the Vol freshmen were struggling against Auburn's defense, InsideTennessee.com prognosticators Jeffery Stewart and Randy Moore were struggling against the football gods.

Stewart clicked on a modest six of 10 picks last week, while Moore barely broke even at 5-5. Stewart stands 39-11 on the season, Moore 37-13. Now we know why these guys are writers and not gamblers ...

Jeffery and Randy may not have great instincts but they have great perseverance. That's why they're picking the SEC games again this weekend. Nowhere to go but up. Right, guys?

Jeffery Stewart's picks:

ALABAMA AT KENTUCKY: Who's your MAC daddy Kentucky? After losing to Mid-America Conference whipping boy Ohio at home, the Wildcats brace for an invasion by the Crimson Tide. Bama is in search of a win. Any win. Anyway. Anywhere. Mike Shula's beleaguered troops will get one in Lexington where the the gridiron grass is never greener and the welcome mat is always out: "Give us your tired, your slow, your huddled misses. We'll give you a victory." Alabama 23, Kentucky 14.

LOUISIANA TECH AT AUBURN: Tennessee's last two opponents get it on on the plains. Will they both be flat coming off big wins? It's entirely possible and that may level the playing field from a psychological standpoint. But there's no equalizer for Auburn's big edge in depth and talent. Auburn 40, Louisiana Tech 13.

LSU AT FLORIDA: The Gators inflicted the only loss on defending co-national champion LSU's record last year and the Tigers go to Gainesville looking for revenge. Meanwhile, on the opposite coast, the nation's other defending national champion, USC, is aiming to avenge it's only loss in the 2003 campaign vs. California. That adds an element of intrigue to this close encounter to go with the much anticipated battle between Chris Leak and the Tigers topnotch secondary. Florida is playing better ball and has the home Swamp advantage. Florida 27, LSU 20.

TENNESSEE AT GEORGIA: It wasn't so very long ago that Tennessee looked forward to this contest with the glee of a child on Christmas morning. Now it's looked upon with more dread than a trip to the dentist. And there's no Novocain to ease the pain. Pulling the upset will be like pulling teeth against a Bulldog team whose bite is every bit as bad as its bark. Georgia 31, Tennessee 20.

OLE MISS AT SOUTH CAROLINA: Any road trip in the SEC is froth with danger for the Rebels who are still reeling from the loss of Eli Manning and company. On the other hand, Lou Holtz's Gamecocks are on the rise and playing at home. South Carolina 34, Ole Miss 16.

ALABAMA-BIRMINGHAM AT MISS. STATE: The last time I picked Mississippi State to win at home it lost to Maine. To be honest with you, I didn't even know Maine had a football team. I know UAB has a football team and it gets its share of good athletes. In Starkville on Saturday, it gets its second win ever against an SEC opponent. Sylvester Croom will petition the NCAA for a hardship season, but he's willing to settle for time served and community service. UAB 24, Mississippi State 14.

RUTGERS AT VANDERBILT: It's New Jersey State vs. Music City U in a non-conference snoozer that's sure to cure the most chronic case of insomnia. Wake me when it's over. Vandy 28, Rutgers 20.

WISCONSIN AT OHIO STATE: These Big Ten heavyweights usually play each other close in low-scoring contests. Ohio State has superior speed and better skill players. The Buckeyes are also playing at home in a revenge game. Ohio State 21, Wisconsin 17.

NEBRASKA AT TEXAS TECH: The Cornhuskers are adjusting to a new coach and new system. The Red Raiders are flying high in Mike Leach's wide open attack. I'll take Texas Tech at home. Texas Tech 38, Nebraska 27.

OKLAHOMA VS. TEXAS (IN DALLAS): Bob Stoops might just be the best big-game coach in college football. Mack Brown might be the biggest big-game bust among Division I head coaches. Games don't get any bigger than the Sooners vs. the Longhorns. Oklahoma 26, Texas 16.

Randy Moore's picks:

ALABAMA AT KENTUCKY: Each fan who shows up at Commonwealth Stadium to watch two of the NCAA's lamest offenses should get a free portable TV. That way he/she can tune in a game that actually features some excitement. Alabama 14, Kentucky 10.

LOUISIANA TECH AT AUBURN: Auburn may have an emotional letdown after its spectacular win at Tennessee but it won't matter. Louisiana Tech already upset Fresno State, so the Bulldogs won't catch the Tigers napping. Auburn 31, Louisiana Tech 10.

LSU AT FLORIDA: LSU has great cornerbacks but if the Tigers get no more pressure on Chris Leak this weekend than they got on David Greene last weekend, they're doomed to another unhappy Saturday. Florida 27, LSU 21.

TENNESSEE AT GEORGIA: Tennessee's got to be better than it looked vs. Auburn. Georgia can't be as good as it looked vs. LSU. Still, it's tough for a visitor to win between the hedges. Georgia 24, Tennessee 17.

OLE MISS AT SOUTH CAROLINA: Lou Holtz' team has been the SEC's biggest surprise, David Cutcliffe's team the SEC's biggest disappointment. Don't look for those trends to end this weekend. South Carolina 31, Ole Miss 14.

ALABAMA BIRMINGHAM AT MISS. STATE: If there's any game left on Mississippi State's schedule that's winnable, this is probably it. Wonder if Sylvester Croom is second-guessing himself for taking this job yet? Mississippi State 20, UAB 17.

RUTGERS AT VANDERBILT: The Commodores finally cracked the victory column last weekend, beating Mississippi State. That's like beating your grandmother in a 100-yard dash but Vandy should have a little momentum. Vanderbilt 27, Rutgers 21.

WISCONSIN AT OHIO STATE: The Buckeyes had a couple of close calls against Marshall and North Carolina State earlier this season but they should be fine now that they're playing overrated Big Ten opposition. Ohio State 31, Wisconsin 21

. NEBRASKA AT TEXAS TECH: With Bill Callahan looking to install a more pass-oriented offense in Huskerland, he picked the perfect opponent to observe. Nobody flings the old pigskin more than the Red Raiders. This should be a fun game to watch. Nebraska 34, Texas Tech 27.

OKLAHOMA VS. TEXAS (IN DALLAS): If Mack Brown's coaching skills ever catch up to his recruiting skills, the NCAA might as well move the national championship trophy to Austin. Fortunately, that day doesn't appear imminent. Oklahoma 27, Texas 20.

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