Simpler is better, right?

Maybe. Maybe not. Vol offensive coordinator Randy Sanders says there's a fine line that separates simple and predictable. Likewise, there's a fine line that separates complex and unmanageable.

Simplicity vs. complexity by Randy Moore Because they had a senior quarterback, the 2003 Tennessee Vols ran a complex offense that did a lot of things but did few of them well. As a result, the team averaged just 371.8 yards per game. Because they have a freshman quarteback, the 2004 Vols run a simplified offense that features a few things that they run reasonably well. As a result, the team is averaging 409.5 yards per game. ''If you keep it simple and allow your guys to be aggressive, sometimes you're easy to defend,'' he said. ''Sometimes you try to stay multiple so you won't be easy to defend, and you slow 'em down and confuse 'em.

''It's a fine line you have to draw.''

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