Lady Vols Media Day leads to all the answers

The Tennessee Lady Vols basketball team held their Media Day on Friday when players are asked to answer the really important questions – such as their favorite cartoon character, best movie, what they're reading and things they hear coach Pat Summitt say in their sleep. <p> From SpongeBob SquarePants to remix CDs to the Los Angeles Lakers they opened up about their preferences. Two assistant coaches played along. And just to keep it real, the team also talked a little basketball.

Each player was asked some off-the-court questions. She also was asked to provide her own scouting report. Here are their answers:

SHYRA ELY, senior, forward, Indianapolis, Ind.

CD in player right now: It's always Michael Jackson.

Book or magazine reading now, not a textbook: Fashion. I like the little gossip magazines.

Favorite movie: Breakin.' It's a street dance movie.

Favorite cartoon character: Betty Boop.

Favorite food: Everything. I love Italian food, but I eat everything. My mom's baked macaroni.

Tattoos: I've got one. It kind of looks like a butterfly, but I don't think it is. On the small of my back.

Nicknames: My team nickname is Sassy. They say I'm prissy. I'm pretty prissy and girly. They call me Shy Shy. And Shytown. Shy.

Words you hear coach Pat Summitt say in your sleep: Focus. Accountability. Intensity.

Favorite team besides Tennessee Vols and Lady Vols: (Indianapolis) Colts.

Scouting report if you wrote your own: I hope now with the extension of my range, you have to guard everything. I'd like to say that. Guard everything. You can't sag off, because I can shoot. You can't get on me because I'll drive. Stuff like that.

AUBREY GUASTALLI, senior, guard, Westwood, Mass.

CD: A country mix.

Book or magazine: The Bible.

Movie: The Count of Monte Cristo.

Cartoon character: Scooby Doo.

Food: Macaroni & cheese.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Aubs. Brey.

Summitt words: On the line.

Sports team: New England Patriots.

Scouting report: 3-point shooter, spreads the defense out.

BRITTANY JACKSON, senior, forward, Cleveland, Tenn.

CD: It's 80s, a mix CD.

Book or magazine: The trashy magazines, People, tabloids.

Movie: Titanic.

Cartoon character: I never watch cartoons.

Food: Chicken.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Brit, BJ

Summitt words: Tighten up your game!

Sports team: Los Angeles Lakers.

Scouting report: Make her penetrate, don't let her shoot, pressure her when she has the ball.

LOREE MOORE, senior, guard, Lakewood, Calif.

CD: A mix CD, rap, R&B.

Book or magazine: Sports Illustrated on Campus.

Movie: Can I have two? Aladdin. The Lion King.

Cartoon character: Tigger.

Food: Chicken.

Tattoos: A teddy bear in a heart (hip).

Nicknames: LMo.

Summitt words: Intensity and perfection. Intensity and perfection.

Sports team: Sacramento Kings.

Scouting report: Deny her from getting the ball.

TYE'SHA FLUKER, junior, center, Pasadena, Calif.

CD: Fred Hammond, gospel.

Book or magazine: I'm reading a book by E. Lynn Harris, but I haven't picked it up in a couple of weeks due to practice. I can't think of the name of it. It's one of E. Lynn Harris' new books.

Movie: Juwanna Mann.

Cartoon character: SpongeBob.

Food: Broccoli.

Tattoos: Zero 'cause I'm a hero.

Nicknames: Tye Fluke. Freight. One day we were in practice, and somebody didn't pass me the ball when I was posting up, and coach was like, ‘You didn't see Fluker in there!? Posting up like a big old freight train? Clearing people out?'

Summitt words: Fluker, you'd better be in the top seven of the sprint!

Sports team: Miami Heat. (Because of Shaquille O'Neal, who was traded to the Heat from the Lakers)

Scouting report: Don't let that girl post up.

SHANNA ZOLMAN, junior, guard, Syracuse, Ind.

CD: Shane and Shane. It's Christian.

Book or magazine: Ragamuffin Gospel.

Movie: Hoosiers.

Cartoon character: Superman.

Food: cereal.

Tattoos: Heck no.

Nicknames: Zo.

Summitt words: ZOLMAN!

Sports team: I like the Indianapolis Colts, and I also like the Indiana Hoosiers men's basketball team.

Scouting report: You'd better deny me the ball because I'm going to shoot it.

DOMINIQUE REDDING, sophomore, forward, Clearwater, Fla.

CD: Gospel.

Book or magazine: Just textbooks.

Movie: The Color Purple. What's Love Got To Do With It.

Cartoon character: Pinky and the Brain.

Food: Pat's jalapeno corn. I have to say something else. I can't say Pat's corn; it's good, but it's not up there. My Aunt Barbara's macaroni & cheese and macaroni and tuna fish salad, and my mom's cream-style corn.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: They call me grandma. They say I'm slow speed-wise. I'm always saying old people's quotes. I watch The Golden Girls; that's my favorite TV show.

Summitt words: Throw a strike every time (a good pass).

Sports team: University of Miami football team.

Scouting report: It would say shooter, take you off the dribble and physical defender.

SIDNEY SPENCER, sophomore, forward/center, Hoover, Ala.

CD: It's a mix Christian CD.

Book or magazine: The Five Love Languages.

Movie: I love Remember the Titans. I love Antwone Fisher. I love Coming to America. I love tons of movies. Finding Nemo.

Cartoon character: Tigger.

Food: Steak.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Sidville. Chocolate Siddy. Money. (Chocolate Siddy emerged from a pickup game, according to Redding, when Spencer "just came out of her shell and had like 25 points.")

Summitt words: Dag-na-bit. There's so many.

Sports team: Men's basketball, Duke and North Carolina. I love them.

Scouting report: I'm physical. I will hit people. I can play guard or post up.

NICKY ANOSIKE, freshman, center, Staten Island, N.Y.

CD: Jagged Edge.

Book or magazine: I read the media guide a lot.

Movie: Save the Last Dance.

Cartoon character: I don't have one.

Food: Everything. I like stuffed mushrooms.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Big Nick.

Summitt words: Tighten it up!

Sports team: The (New York) Jets.

Scouting report: Try to get her off the boards. Watch her going long and filling the lanes.

ABBY CANON, freshman, guard, Shelbyville, Tenn.

CD: It's mix. There's like everything on it, old stuff, alternative.

Book or magazine: I started reading The Bell Jar the other night. I haven't gotten real far into it. It was my sister's book. It was lying around, and I was bored and couldn't sleep.

Movie: Dirty Dancing.

Cartoon character: I don't think I have a favorite cartoon character.

Food: Candy, any kind of candy. Sour-patch kids.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Alex called me can, like a cannon.

Summitt words: I don't know. She says a lot of stuff. She says take care of the ball a lot.

Sports team: Los Angeles Sparks.

Scouting report: She's a spot shooter and plays defense hard.

SYBIL DOSTY, freshman, center, Tucson, Ariz.

CD: The new Usher, the remade version.

Book or magazine: I'm not reading anything lately, just schoolwork.

Movie: Love & Basketball.

Cartoon character: The Ninja Turtles.

Food: Steak. And I like pancakes.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Sybz.

Summitt words: Tempo. Tighten up your game. Get it right.

Sports team: I was a big Lakers fan until they traded Shaq. I like Shaq, and I like Kobe.

Scouting report: I try to be very aggressive on the floor. If you're going to play against me be ready to be very physical in the paint.

ALEX FULLER, freshman, forward, Shelbyville, Tenn.

CD: I have a mix CD, rap and R&B.

Book or magazine: The magazine I read is Seventeen.

Movie: Gothika.

Cartoon character: Hey Arnold.

Food: Rice with sugar.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Full.

Summitt words: She says tighten up your game and get it right.

Sports team: The Cleveland Cavaliers, just because of LeBron James.

Scouting report: Good rebounder, can shoot the outside shot but doesn't shoot much and plays hard on both ends.

ALEXIS HORNBUCKLE, freshman, guard, Charleston, W.Va.

CD: A mix CD.

Book or magazine: Sports Illustrated.

Movie: Love & Basketball.

Cartoon character: SpongeBob.

Food: Ham, macaroni & cheese, greens, cornbread.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Twinkie. Twin. (Twin, because of her similarity to senior Loree Moore in size and style of play.) Lex.

Summitt words: Tighten up your game.

Sports team: Houston Rockets.

Scouting report: She's doing well but has a lot to work on. Difficult to guard.

CANDACE PARKER, freshman, forward, Naperville, Ill.

CD: Usher.

Book or magazine: SLAM.

Movie: Love & Basketball.

Cartoon character: Tasmanian Devil.

Food: Ribs.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: CP.

Summitt words: Tighten up your game.

Sports team: Philadelphia 76ers.

Scouting report: Penetrator.

SA'DE WILEY-GATEWOOD, freshman, guard, Pomona, Calif.

CD: R&B love songs. I love love songs.

Book or magazine: I don't have one right now. It's my schoolbooks.

Movie: Love & Basketball.

Cartoon character: Goofy.

Food: Tacos.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: Goofy or Smooth Operator.

Summitt words: Gatewood, watch your passes.

Sports team: Los Angeles Lakers.

Scouting report: One of the best vision players.

NIKKI CALDWELL, assistant coach and former player.

CD: There isn't one.

Book or magazine, non-basketball: Ebony magazine.

Movie: I've got so many. "("She's so old." –a nearby, but unidentified player.) The Color Purple. Dumb and Dumber. I like all of the The Lord of the Rings.

Cartoon character: SpongeBob.

Food: Pasta.

Tattoos: Oh no.

Nicknames: Nikki, because my real name is Nicole. The kids call me Cole. And Red for Redbone. If you are my descent and you're my complexion, you're sometimes considered a redbone.

Summitt words: Words that I hear? I don't hear any words. I sleep pretty peacefully.

Sports team: My little godson, Shun, he plays for the Boys & Girls Club. He's 7, and his football team is bad (as in good).

HOLLY WARLICK, assistant coach and former player.

CD: Van Morrison.

Book or magazine, non-basketball: "The Secret Life of Bees."

Cartoon character: Scooby Doo because that's what my great-nephew loves.

Food: Some form of steak.

Tattoos: No.

Nicknames: No.

Summitt words: No, but I think at times you can still see her stare in your sleep if you've been on the receiving end of it.

Favorite sports team besides Tennessee: I like to watch the Titans.

DOSTY UPDATE: Sybil Dosty, who collided with a male practice player during Thursday evening's practice and took an errant shot to the head, was held out of practice Friday. She sustained a concussion and continues to be evaluated, said Jenny Moshak, assistant athletic director of sports medicine. She was examined Friday by the team physician, Dr. Rebecca L. Morgan.

"She's got a headache, which is natural. She's very tired, which is also natural, because that's how the body heals itself, through sleep," Moshak said. "We're going to take it day by day. We're not going to take any chances." The effects of a concussion are reversible, she said, but "the body needs the time to heal. So what you do is you base it on signs and symptoms."

Moshak said the game plan is to incorporate exercise into Dosty's routine – such as 10 or 15 minutes on a stationary bicycle – and evaluate her physical status.

"If that reproduces the symptoms, she doesn't practice," Moshak said.

Until Dosty is free of symptoms, she will be kept off of the floor and most likely will not practice Saturday. Her status for Sunday's exhibition game is also undetermined.

REHAB ROW: Dosty joined three other freshmen on the sidelines. Candace Parker, Sa'de Wiley-Gatewood and Alex Fuller are all out with left knee injuries. Fuller, who had reconstructive ACL surgery, is out for the season. Parker (surgery in September to repair cartilage) and Wiley-Gatewood (patellar tendonitis) continue to be evaluated in hopes of returning this season.

Wiley-Gatewood said her situation was "real frustrating." She was limited in preseason drills because of knee soreness but was able to start practice. After a few sessions, however, the soreness became unbearable, and she was pulled from the floor.

She will use the next three weeks to rest and rehab, and then her medical situation will be reassessed.

"Give me three weeks," Wiley-Gatewood said. "If it's not going to work in three weeks then I'll have to" consider a redshirt year.

She also offered a team assessment.

"The team is looking good," she said. "All we've got to do is work on our defense more and boxing out, and we can be one of the top defensive teams in the country."

Parker is ahead of schedule in terms of rehab and has added lower-body weightlifting to her regimen. A return date remains purely speculative.

"I'm just trying to rehab," Parker said. "I am staying optimistic. I will tell you that. Jenny's doing great. She motivated me. It's killing me not to play. It's killing me not to jump. My quad's getting stronger. It's showing improvement. For a while there we were staying the same, so that's tough for me. Very optimistic but don't want to speculate."

Alex Fuller is out for the season after undergoing reconstructive knee surgery and has to adjust to rehabbing on the sidelines, instead of taking the court with her teammates.

"It's gotten easier now because us three on the sideline aren't really left out," Fuller said. "We do everything with the team (meetings, film work). We're not left out of anything."

SUMMITT SPEAKS: Shifting senior Shyra Ely to the perimeter was done to create mismatches this season – on both ends of the floor. It's a shift that Ely has welcomed.

"I do. I think it's a better adjustment for me," Ely said.

As per habit, Summitt will watch Ely's defense more than her offense.

"I'm probably going to focus more on Ely's defense than her offense - her defense and her board play, because I think she could really create some problems for some other perimeter players with her size," Summitt said. "There will be a lot of teams that we'll face that will have small guards, so she's going to be matched up with someone who is 5'7 or 5'8. Then there will be other teams with 6'2 forwards, so I think she's going to be have to be able to guard lightning-quick players as well as the ones with good size. Her defense right now is what we're really watching and challenging, trying to get her a lot of reps there."

The expectations on Ely are no higher than the ones placed on another senior, point guard Loree Moore.

"We put a lot of expectations on Shyra, not necessarily more than we would place on Loree Moore at the point," Summitt said. "I think those two will have an awful lot to say on how we play the game at both ends. They're veterans; they play big roles for us."

PRACTICE REPORT: The Lady Vols emphasized defensive work Friday with some wrinkles in their schemes.

"We're just trying to polish up our man-to-man, and we introduced a zone defense today. Actually it looked pretty good the first day. I was pleased," assistant coach Holly Warlick said after practice Friday. "We're trying to get better on that end."

Former Lady Vol Kara Lawson, a zone buster with her proficiency from the 3-point line, joined forces with the male practice players. Lawson now plays for the WNBA's Sacramento Monarchs.

"She brings another dimension to what we have to guard, which is great," Warlick said. "Kara's been very helpful. What little she can practice (by rules), we're going to use her. She's used sparingly because of the rules. She makes us aware that we have got to guard outside shooters. Sometimes we have a tendency to leave shooters wide open. Hopefully if we can guard Kara we can guard just about anybody."

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