Monday Practice Report

KNOXVILLE - Monday's weather was as dark as the mood around Tennessee's practice facility. Media members, players, and coaches were shocked and saddened to learn about the loss of News Sentinel sports columnist Gary Lundy. Lundy died of a heart attack earlier in the day.

"I want to send my condolences out to Gary Lundy's family," Head Coach Phillip Fulmer said. "That's just a tremendous tragedy. He was a good man and important in our community. He'll be missed." ,P> As difficult as it may have been, considering the circumstances, Fulmer shifted his focus back to football, remarking on what he thought about Saturday's effort against Vanderbilt.

"I think they (the players) understand we need to play better," Fulmer said. "We're still looking to put that one game together. I'm pleased but I'm not satisfied. Once you get satisfied as a player or a coach you can't expect to go to a higher level."

Tennessee's offensive line was a bit more intact on Monday with the return of Jason Respert to the rotation. However, Cody Douglas is still missing in action along with Michael Munoz.

In the secondary, the Vols were without Roshaun Fellows. Fellows played on Saturday, making a key interception, despite missing most of practice last week.

Away from the field of play, Fulmer talked about the two nasty fights in the NBA and in college football this past weekend as it relates to his players.

"We addressed the issue of fighting," Fulmer said. "With all that's going on out there, I explained to them they're not the first ones to go through a culture revolution. Most of us have been through it. Respect needs to be to your team and your teammates and coaches and the university you represent and the state you represent. "

"It's a great chance for the powers that be to make a statement and make it significant. When we started the fighting rule eight or ten years ago, fights stopped. The NCAA needs to get a hold of that because there's a lot of jabbering going on out there."

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