An interesting SEC review

This is the time of year when everyone and his brother unveils all-star teams and best/worst lists. One of the more entertaining SEC recaps can be viewed at tabs Tennessee's 30-28 defeat of Florida back on Sept. 18 the SEC's ''Game of the Year.'' And in a category called ''Surprise of the Year,'' the website lists ''Tennessee's freshmen quarterbacks'' with the following explanation:

''Many thought Tennessee was all but throwing in the towel when it chose to play Erik Ainge and Brent Schaeffer in a dual role. Before both got hurt, they were better than the Vols could've hoped for.''

Not surprisingly, tabs Auburn quarterback Jason Campbell the SEC Offensive Player of the Year, Georgia end David Pollack the SEC Defensive Player of the Year and Auburn's Tommy Tuberville the Coach of the Year.

The site's Biggest Disappointment of the Year? That was easy.

''Georgia's inability to win the East. Picked by some to win the national title, the Dawgs had as much talent as anyone in the country. Not only did they fall to Tennessee and Auburn, they struggled a little too much in several other games. They should've dominated from beginning to end.''

Based on's player ratings, the Vols won the East with smoke and mirrors. In a ranking of the SEC's top 30 players, regardless of position, only three UT athletes showed up ... all defenders. They are linebacker Kevin Burnett (9th), safety Jason Allen (16th) and tackle Jesse Mahelona (19th).

The Vols didn't fare a whole lot better in position-by-position ratings. Burnett was ranked No. 2 at linebacker (behind Georgia's Odell Thurman), Allen No. 3 at defensive back, Mahelona No. 4 at defensive tackle and Ainge No. 5 at quarterback.

Mahelona, Burnett and Allen were first-team all-conference on defense but not a single Vol made first-team all-league on offense.

All in all, it's a pretty thought-provoking list ... well worth taking a look.

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