Two QBs better than one?

Tennessee played two quarterbacks in Games 1 through 4 by design, then went almost exclusively with Erik Ainge in Games 5 through 8. The Vols played two QBs in Game 9 by necessity (Ainge was hurt, forcing Rick Clausen to fill in). Clausen did a solo act in Games 10, 11 and 12.

Now that Brent Schaeffer has recovered sufficiently from a fractured collarbone, the Vols appear to be back to a two-quarterback system. So, which cliche' applies: ''Two heads are better than one'' or ''Too many cooks spoil the broth?'' In other words, will having two quarterbacks provide enough flexibility to offset the potential slippage in continuity?

Guard Cody Douglas, for one, thinks the return to a two-QB system is a win-win proposition with no downside.

''I think we take the same approach as if we were playing with one quarterback,'' he said. ''You just go out there and make sure you know what you're doing, know your assignments, no matter who's behind center.''

Wide receiver Robert Meachem says Tennessee's use of multiple quarterbacks this year has had no adverse effect on the passing game whatsoever.

''When you're playing receiver,'' he said, ''whoever's throwing it to you, you've got to catch it anyway.''

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