Friday Practice Report

KNOXVILLE - Friday's practice was sandwiched between yesterday and tomorrow's scrimmages. Head coach Phillip Fulmer said today's work focused on Texas A&M and some of the finer points of football.

"We had a great twenty minute session on fundamentals," Fulmer said. "We worked on our tackling and our coverages. I'm hopeful we can build on that. We've still got some guys that are sick. The work's been good."

"Yesterday's scrimmage got us what we wanted to accomplish," Fulmer said. "We got a lot of good plays from those young ones.'

As for some of the elder statesmen on the team, Fulmer is hopeful they'll keep everybody‚s focus on football despite the fact the team will get a break following Monday morning's practice.

In the secondary, Fulmer isn't holding his breath for any of the players to make great strides before the bowl game.

With Jason Allen sidelined due to a shoulder injury, Corey Campbell, Jarod Parrish, Robert Boulware, and Sinclair Cannon are all getting looks at free safety. "We're not going to have one grow here in the next few days," Fulmer said.

One recruiting note of interest saw Demonte Bolden on campus and at practice for the second consecutive day. Bolden has trimmed down considerably since enrolling in prep school. He said he entered Hargrave Military Academy weighing 315 lbs. On Friday he claimed to weigh in at 285.

Bolden will travel to Dallas with the team and participate in practices beginning after Christmas.

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