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AVID READER: Jesse Mahelona has a 6-foot, 300-pound frame, a passion for football and enough toughness for two men. He also has a knack for reading an opponent's body language and anticipating what is coming. That makes him one terrific tackle for Tennessee. by Randy Moore

EQUAL-OPPORTUNITY DESTROYER: Rob Smith had more starts than any other UT offensive lineman in 2004. He also had more practice-field fights. The Vol guard may have a baby face but he's one rugged hombre when it comes to trench warfare. Here's why. by Randy Moore

THE DOCTOR IS IN: Jason Mitchell is a good linebacker but he's an even better listener. That's why, when Tennessee teammates have a problem, they often turn to Mitchell. Essentially, he has become the football program's unofficial guidance counselor. by Randy Moore

CENTER OF ATTENTION: Josh McNeil is the No. 1 center prospect in America, and he's giving the Tennessee Vols a long look. Our in-depth profile takes an even longer look at a guy who ranks as one of the premier offensive line prospects in the country. by Jeffery Stewart

GAME TIME: They call Raymond Henderson "Game Time," probably because that's when he's at his best. This 6-5, 255-pounder from the Milwaukee area is one of the outstanding defensive end prospects in America, and he just might be headed for The Valley of the Vols. by Jeffery Stewart

TOP 10 PROSPECTS: There are dozens of top-notch football prospects who could help Tennessee compete for a national title in the years ahead, so picking the 10 most intriguing players out of that group is a daunting task. But that didn't stop our resident recruiting expert from trying. by Jeffery Stewart.

PHIL'S WISH LIST: Everyone who follows Vol football knows Tennessee needs help in the secondary and offensive line. But how severe are the recruiting needs in the other areas? Here's a position-by-position look at that very question. by Randy Moore

FULLER'S FUTURE: A knee injury forced her to miss the 2004-05 season but talented freshman Alex Fuller's development into a Lady Vol standout hasn't been sidetracked ... merely delayed. Here's an up-close look at a homegrown player with a huge upside. by Maria M. Cornelius

SHE'S BUSY WITH BODIES: Lady Vol trainer Jenny Moshak has been busier than usual this fall because a glut of knee injuries has struck the women's basketball program. She has some fascinating ideas on how to solve the growing problem of wounded knees. by Maria M. Cornelius

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