Fulmer imposes curfew

If Tennessee loses Saturday's Cotton Bowl game against Texas A&M, it won't be because the Vols lack rest.

According to a story in today's editions of The Tennessean, head coach Phillip Fulmer has imposed a curfew on his players as they wrap up bowl preparations in Irving, Texas. This no doubt comes in response to UT's humbling losses in the last two Peach Bowl games.

Moreover, senior receiver/captain Tony Brown said the curfew gets earlier as gameday approaches. It was 1 a.m. earlier this week but was moved to 10 p.m. by Tuesday. Brown said the Vols had no curfew ''until a few nights before the game'' on their previous two bowl trips.

Senior tailback Cedric Houston conceded that the Vols may have been a bit distracted during preparations for the past two Peach Bowl games.

''A lot of guys wanted to get down there and party more than practice,'' he told The Tennessean. ''I guess that kind of threw us off a little bit.''

In addition, Fulmer seems to be working his team harder than normal in preparation for this bowl game. The Vols scrimmaged on Monday, something they hadn't done at a bowl site in recent years.

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