Torn Between 2

Chris Scott is now back in Lovejoy, GA after being out in San Antonio, TX for a week at the Army All-American Game. Scott has a decision to make in the near future and it looks like it will be a battle between SEC Rivals. How close is Mr. Scott to his decision?

"I am not sure when I will have my decision", said Chris Scott. "I am still looking at Tennessee and Florida and it is even right now."

Scott adds this about a timetable on his commitment.

"I could do it any day or it could go down to signing day. I really don't know right now."

Scott eliminated both Georgia and LSU a few weeks back, but both schools still give him calls to let him know they are still interested.

This is turning into an SEC East showdown. Will it be the Gators or the Vols for Mr. Scott?

Make sure you stay tuned to to find out.

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