We'll miss you, BiggJ

Subscribers and visitors to this website will be deeply saddened to learn that Zachary Julian, older brother of Vol football player Cody Douglas, has died. He was killed in a four-wheeler accident earlier this week.

Julian, who posted on the InsideTennessee.com message boards as BiggJ, was known for his keen insights and unabashed pride in his brother. Julian ordered extra copies of Rocky Top News when we put Cody on the cover two years ago and routinely sang the praises of his younger sibling on InsideTennessee's message boards.

Upon learning of his brother's tragic death, Douglas suffered an anxiety attack so severe that he was taken to UT Hospital for an EKG. When the exam showed him to be all right, he immediately made his way to the family home in La Marque, Texas, to attend his brother's funeral. The thoughts and prayers of all InsideTennessee.com staffers go out to Cody and his family in this time of unspeakable grief.

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