Buzz to sub more

Tennessee coach Buzz Peterson says his reserves will play a bigger role tonight against Kentucky than they did last Saturday at Louisville.

The Vols outscored the Cardinals 53-50 over the first 27 minutes of Saturday's game but the Cardinals outscored the Vols 35-9 the rest of the way. Peterson thinks his players may have run out of gas because he didn't give them enough rest.

''As soon as you get it (momentum), you can lose it,'' he said. ''We've got to keep those guys fresh down the stretch.''

That raises the obvious question: How?

''Maybe I should've subbed more,'' Peterson said. ''Those guys were going off adrenalin at the time and doing a good job. But if I could've given 'em a minute or two of rest, that might've helped.''

The problem was, Tennessee burned most of its timeouts earlier in the game trying to handle Louisville's fullcourt pressure. So, when Peterson needed timeouts to give his guys a breather in the second half, he had none left to do so. Thus, he had just one alternative -- using reserves to give the first-teamers some rest.

''Could that have helped us? Might. Might not,'' the coach said. ''(Francisco) Garcia might have taken over. If I'd rested 'em, they (Cardinals) might've taken off and left us.''

Because Kentucky plays at a little less hectic pace than Louisville, fatigue should be less of a factor in this game than it was in the last one. Still, Peterson says he'll give his starters more rest vs. the Big Blue than he did vs. Louisville.

''We'll sub,'' he said. ''It's a little different at home, too. You can go a little bit longer (before tiring) at home than on the road. But some of these guys are going to have to step up and give us some minutes because we're going to have to sub some of them.''

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