Daron Rose: 3 Offers and a Top 5 for Florida OL

Daron Rose of Tampa Jefferson is an early candidate for one of the top offensive line spots in the south. What schools are at the forefront of his mind in the early going?

"My top 5 is Duke, Miami, Florida, Auburn and I'd have to say Tennessee. I have offers from Duke, USF, Rutgers, Florida, South Carolina, MTSU, San Diego State, Miami and Georgia Tech," Daron Rose said.

What does he like about each of those teams?

Duke: "I know the coaches seem real sincere and they‚ve all been down to the school to see me. I plan on going to their Junior Day this weekend and it‚s one of the top academic schools in the country."

Miami: "What else can you say, that's just a premier program. They put out top NFL players I've been to their campus numerous times. I talked to the coaches and everyone is crazy about football. It's a good academic school too."

Florida: "They have a new staff and I talked to Coach Meyer and the new O-line coach and they‚re back up there now. They run the same style offense we do in high school and it's real close to home."

Auburn: "They kind of surprised me with the year they had last year, but I knew they were really good. I always liked the SEC schools and it‚s just one of those schools I always liked."

Tennessee: "They have a great reputation for offensive lineman and a great football program over the years. Their coaching staff has a lot of continuity and that's a plus for me."

Rose is a standout in the classroom.

„Right now I'm weighted as a 3.1 and un-weighted it's a 3.6 GPA. I took the old SAT and I got a 990 on it."

What is he seeking in the school of his choice?

"Academics come first. That always has to be first. The coaches have to be sincere and honest. I'm not looking for someone to sugar coat things. I want them to be upfront. I definitely want to see how people treat me on my visit and if they care about football there."

It looks like Rose may be taking a tour of schools this summer.

"Coach Simmons has been talking about getting a bus and taking 4 or 5 of our top seniors to the senior camps across the south. Places like Alabama, Georgia, Florida, Florida State and stuff like that."

Can we look for an early decision out of Rose?

"I want to take all 5 of my visits. I doubt I‚ll make an early decision."

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