Hornbuckle, Redding share 'pancake' story

When a senior reflects back on a four-year career a lot of moments are worth remembering, whether for good - three Final Fours so far - or for bad - a season-ending knee injury. <p> But there's no doubt what Loree Moore will remember as the funniest moment of her Lady Vol career. <p>

During player introductions at Arkansas, designated chest-bumper Dominique Redding was flattened by Alexis Hornbuckle. Loree Moore had already been introduced and was waiting on the court when Hornbuckle and Redding collided. The impact knocked back Redding, who landed flat on her back on the floor.

Shanna Zolman, Nicky Anosike and Tye'sha Fluker still had to be introduced and were overcome with fits of laughter. Redding, however, righted herself and continued the chest bumps, although she made contact with only half her body to avoid a repeat.

"That was funny," Moore said. "I think that's a highlight for everybody, because I even saw the coaching staff laugh. It was just something that you weren't expecting, because Dom usually does that throughout the starting lineup, and we always chest bump or shoulder bump her. She always seems to stay on her feet. She thought it was going to be me that knocked her down, but it was Lex. It was a bright moment."

The camera operator at Arkansas was on Tennessee's sideline when it occurred so those who ordered the video webcast saw it happen via the Internet. The assistant coaches couldn't contain themselves, and even Pat Summitt was struggling to maintain her composure.

When Redding and Hornbuckle were asked about the incident after practice Wednesday they broke out in big smiles and then started laughing. Redding is bigger and taller than Hornbuckle, but it didn't matter in mid-air.

"I couldn't get my feet under me," said Redding, who attributed Hornbuckle's momentum to her getting flattened. "I said, 'I'm about to fall. I'm about to fall.' Pancake."

Redding popped up and continued, though.

"I did, because you know what? Second effort. It's second effort," Redding said.

Hornbuckle said the five starters gathered at center court, and "we just started busting out laughing." Then they reminded each other that they couldn't get off to a bad start.

The team certainly wasn't playing too tightly after that.

"You've got to loosen people up," Redding said. "But I didn't do it on purpose or nothing like that."

Redding has no desire to reenact the fall for fear she'd get hurt.

"That was an accident," Hornbuckle said. "That's probably why she didn't get hurt. Dom wasn't ready for it. That's what happened."

But Redding will still be the designated chest-bumper, sort of, Thursday night when the Lady Vols play at home against Mississippi State at 7 p.m.

"Of course," Redding said. "I'm going to aim with my shoulder now, but my left shoulder because I shoot with my right."

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