Griff is pro-Buzz

Beleaguered UT basketball coach Buzz Peterson has his critics but he also has his supporters. One of the latter is ex-Vol Mark Griffin.

According to The Knoxville News-Sentinel, Griffin spent halftime of Saturday night's Vol-Georgia game lobbying on behalf of Peterson. His targets were prominent UT donors Jim Haslam and Bob Goodfriend. Griffin reportedly told them he plans to give up his Vol tickets if Peterson is not retained.

''Griff is a friend,'' Peterson said during his Monday news conference. ''He's not somebody I hang out with all the time but when I heard about it, I just kind of chuckled. Griff is an interesting fellow, a very likeable guy.''

Asked what other shows of support he has gotten, Peterson replied: ''Back at my office, I'd say I've got 20 to 25 letters from people. There's been all kinds of support.... I've gotten a tremendous amount of support, and I appreciate everybody.

''This is the place I've always said I've always loved. I remember as a kid watching Tennessee beating Kentucky at Kentucky. It's a special place.''

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