Fulmer Addresses Buzz Cut

Vol football coach Phillip Fulmer weighed his words carefully Monday when asked to comment on the firing of UT basketball coach Buzz Peterson.

Fulmer, along with wife Vicky, sat behind Peterson's bench at the Vols' final home game 10 days ago. The football coach also spoke out publicly in support of Peterson last week. Fulmer was near the close of his annual spring practice news conference earlier today at the Neyland-Thompson Sports Complex when asked about Peterson's dismissal.

''Obviously, everybody in this profession (coaching) understands how volatile it can be,'' Fulmer said. ''Buzz certainly understood that. The thing that's hard on everybody -- Buzz, his family, the administration and everybody -- is when there's families involved.

''Buzz is a great friend -- a dear friend -- and we all wish the very best for him. We wish it could've worked out for him to stay. It didn't. The administration certainly knows a lot more about it than any of us. They have their reasons why. You go on. Life goes on.''

Fulmer said he spoke with Peterson earlier this morning, and that the outgoing coach seemed to be doing OK.

''He'll be just fine,'' Fulmer said. ''You hate it because it's tough on his family and it's tough on the Volunteer family.''

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