Wedding bells at UT?

Most years, it's difficult to find a tight end on Tennessee's receptions chart. This spring, it's hard to find one on the DEPTH chart. Just about the only place you can find one these days is in the training room.

Senior Justin Reed is injured. Sophomore Brad Cottam is injured. Senior Jake Finlayson is injured. Thus, the Vols are down to one healthy body at the tight end position, sophomore Chris Brown. Fortunately, head coach Phillip Fulmer has a plan in place to bolster the manpower shortage. He's joining his fullbacks (Cory Anderson, David Holbert, Robert Williams) and his tight ends in ... well, holy matrimony.

''We are trying to marry those two positions,'' Fulmer said. ''We don't have that many healthy bodies at the tight end position, so it won't be unusual to see Cory Anderson lined up at tight end or Chris Brown lined up at fullback. We've done that in the past, and it puts a lot of pressure on the defense.''

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