Chavis stresses tackling

With Gibril Wilson, Rashad Baker and Jabari Greer out of eligibility, J.T. Mapu out on his Mormon mission and Kevin Simon out with an early-season knee injury, Tennessee's defense missed a lot of veteran players last fall. It also missed a lot of tackles ... too many to suit coordinator John Chavis.

That's why the Vols are working long and hard on the fundamentals of decking ballcarriers this spring.

''I was not happy (with last year's tackling),'' Chavis said. ''I was not happy during the season and I was not happy with what I saw when I went back and evaluated the film. We gave up some big plays because we didn't tackle very well.

''You're not going to be perfect but we want to eliminate the yardage after the missed tackles. We missed some tackles because of poor technique, and that's coaching. We're certainly going to try and do something about that this spring.''

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