You be the reporter

Did you ever watch a television interview with a UT athlete and think, ''Man, what a stupid question. I could come up with something better than that.'' Well, here's your chance.

Jeffery Stewart of is preparing to interview 2005 football signee Raymond Henderson, a blue-chip defensive end from the Milwaukee area. Jeffery is one of the most talented interviewers around but we thought our subscribers might like to be involved in the process, so we're asking them to submit questions they would like to ask Henderson.

To submit a question, simply type it up on your computer, slug it ''Henderson question'' and email it to Please include your username. ONE question per person please. Jeffery will then select the top five questions and include it in his interview with Raymond Henderson. Please submit your questions no later than Thursday April 7th.

Give it some thought, then give it a try. It should be very interesting ... and a lot of fun.

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