Best of the undrafted lists Tennessee's Michael Munoz 11th among the premier college players snubbed by the recent NFL Draft. Vol wideout Tony Brown, center Jason Respert, wideout Derrick Tinsley and defensive end Karlton Neal are not listed at all.

A member of the network, lists the top 117 non-draftees under the heading ''Best player available after seven rounds.'' Vol fans will find several familiar names. For instance, Auburn safety Junior Rosegreen, who intercepted four UT passes in the Tigers' regular-season win at Knoxville, is given a 3.55 rating and listed fifth among the players overlooked in the NFL Draft.

Fullback Matthew Tant, who bypassed his senior season at Vanderbilt in favor of the pros, was not drafted. He's listed No. 32 among the non-draftees.

Lynn McGruder, who was dismissed from the UT program following his arrest on a drug charge, is listed No. 38.

Brock Berlin, rated the No. 1 high school quarterback in America when he signed with Florida's Steve Spurrier five years ago, is listed No. 55 among undrafted free agents. How the mighty have fallen, huh?

Albert Means, the Memphis high schooler who was the central figure in the recruiting scandal that brought down the University of Alabama football program, is listed No. 60 among the undrafted players.

Here's a sampling of players with UT or SEC ties:

2. Marcus Lawrence, linebacker, South Carolina (3.56)
5. Ben Wilkerson, center, LSU (3.55)
7. Junior Rosegreen, safety, Auburn (3.513)
9. George Gause, defensive end, South Carolina (3.493)
11. Michael Munoz, offensive tackle, UT (3.49)
32. Matthew Tant, fullback, Vanderbilt (3.344)
38. Lynn McGruder, defensive tackle, Oklahoma (3.333)
55. Brock Berlin, quarterback, Miami (3.29)
56. Danny Martz, guard, Alabama (3.29)
60. Albert Means, defensive tackle, Memphis (3.28)
65. Jamaica Jackson, safety, South Carolina (3.28)
79. Jonathan Colon, offensive tackle, Florida (3.26)
82. Doug Buckles, guard, Ole Miss (3.25)
93. DeCory Birmingham, running back, Arkansas (3.23)
113. Marcus Randall, quarterback, LSU (3.19)
117. Dominique Morris, cornerback, Vanderbilt (3.19)

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