Another take on Pearl vs. Smiths

The Bruce Pearl-Tyler Smith feud has gone national.

Gregg Doyel offers his take in a piece entitled '''In case of Smith v. Tennessee, everybody's a loser.''

The headline pretty much gives away Doyel's conclusion, and there's very little new information to be found except a charge by Billy Smith, Tyler's dad, that UT athletics director Mike Hamilton ''told a lot of lies behind the scenes but I'm not going to get into all that.''

Pearl, hired last month as Tennessee's head basketball coach, will not release Tyler Smith from the letter of intent he signed with fired UT coach Buzz Peterson last November. This goes against the grain for Pearl, who released players signed by previous coaching regimes at both Southern Indiana and Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Pearl will not release Tyler Smith, however, and has repeatedly said Billy Smith has ''an agenda'' that has complicated the situation.

Doyel notes that Pearl's refusal to release Tyler Smith seems paradoxical, since he recently signed a player (Ryan Childress) released by Wisconsin-Milwaukee. Pearl concedes as much in the interview.

Referring to the whole Pear-Smith affair as ''lots of gray sludge,'' Doyel concedes that it's very difficult to determine exactly who's responsible for the ongoing mess.

Ultimately, Doyel's piece doesn't shed a whole lot of new light on the situation. Still, it's always interesting to see what the national media is saying about The Valley of The Vols. That's what makes this piece worth a look.

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