Pat POed by allegations

If you think you're tired of the Albert Means recruiting scandal, imagine how Pat Washington must feel.

Washington, receivers coach at Tennessee whose recruiting territories include Memphis, is accused by former Trezevant High School coach Lynn Lang of offering $50,000 five years ago to secure the services of Means, a 300-pound defensive lineman. The allegation was published in recent editions of The Memphis Commercial Appeal.

Basically, this is a rehash of old news. School officials say Washington and former UT compliance director Malcolm McInnis met two years ago with NCAA brass, who investigated the matter and found Lang's claims to be without foundation.

"This is unbelievable, that (Lang) is coming out with this stuff now," Washington told The Tennessean. "It's been checked and checked thoroughly. He can say what he wants and dig up old bones all he wants, but I'm done with it and moving on."

UT athletics director Mike Hamilton echoed those sentiments, noting that Lang's allegations have been "reviewed and laid to rest."

Arkansas, Ole Miss and Michigan State also expressed a willingness to break NCAA rules to get Means, Lang said, adding that Alabama, Kentucky and Georgia actually paid money in an effort to sign him. Lang says he received $150,000 from Bama booster Logan Young in exchange for steering Means to Tuscaloosa. Upon finding the Tide guilty of recruiting violations, the NCAA imposed probation and some stiff sanctions that weakened the football program considerably the past few years.

Lang ultimately pleaded guilty to a racketeering charge and agreed to testify against Young. Young was convicted in February and is due to be sentenced this week.

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