Fulmer suspends two

Tennessee head coach Phillip Fulmer announced late Tuesday night disciplinary action against student-athletes Daniel Brooks and Corey Campbell. Fulmer has suspended both players for one game and removed them from scholarship for the second semester of summer school.

''Daniel and Corey did not take care of their personal business in a timely fashion and were not appropriate representatives of the Tennessee football program,'' Fulmer said. ''They had citations that showed their immaturity and they did not take care of them in a timely and proper fashion leading to these disciplinary actions.

''It probably is naive to think there never will be some issues of this nature. However, stupid and irresponsible behavior is not a sign of a mature person. I hope that requiring them to get a job during the second term allows them to further appreciate what an education and the value of a scholarship means to them.''

Brooks already had been suspended for two games. This latest disciplinary action prohibits him from playing in the first three games of the season.

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