No. 1 picks a draft oddity

Based on the NFL and NBA Drafts, you'd figure there must be something in the water at the University of Utah these days.

Three months ago, the San Francisco 49ers made Utah quarterback Alex Smith the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft. Earlier this week the Milwaukee Bucks selected another Ute, 7-foot center Andrew Bogut, with the initial pick in the NBA Draft.

Odds are, no school has ever produced the No. 1 pick in the NFL Draft AND the No. 1 pick in the NBA Draft during the same calendar year. Interestingly enough, though, the University of Tennessee came pretty close once.

The year was 1968. Bob Johnson, All-America center for the Vol football team, was the second player selected in the NFL Draft, going to the Cincinnati Bengals. A few months later, Vol 7-footer Tom Boerwinkle -- also a center, coincidentally -- was the fourth player selected in the NBA Draft, being tabbed by the Chicago Bulls.

Boerwinkle was the UT player ever picked in the NBA Draft's first round. And that was the only time Tennessee has had top-five picks in the NFL and NBA Drafts during the same calendar year.

All told, Tennessee has produced six first-round NBA Draft picks and, surprisingly enough, each time the Vol football team produced a first-round NFL pick the same year. Even more surprisingly, UT produced four first-round picks in 2002. Defensive tackle John Henderson was pick 9 (Jacksonville Jaguars), wideout Donte' Stallworth pick 13 (New Orleans Saints) and defensive tackle Albert Haynesworth pick 15 (Tennessee Titans) in the NFL Draft. Months later, junior forward Marcus Haislip was pick 13 of the NBA Draft, going to the Milwaukee Bucks.

Here's a complete recap of Tennessee's draft doubles, with the NFL picks listed first each time:

1968: Johnson (pick 2) to the Bengals ... Boerwinkle (pick 4) to the Bulls

1977: Stanley Morgan (pick 25) to the New England Patriots ... Bernard King (pick 7) to the New Jersey Nets, Ernie Grunfeld (pick 11) to the Milwaukee Bucks.

1980: Roland James (pick 14) to the Patriots ... Reggie Johnson (pick 15) to the San Antonio Spurs

1983: Willie Gault (pick 18) to the Chicago Bears ... Dale Ellis (pick 9) to the Dallas Mavericks

1993: Todd Kelly (pick 23) to the 49ers ... Allan Houston (pick 11) to the Detroit Pistons

2002: Henderson (pick 9) to the Jaguars, Stallworth (pick 13) to the Saints, Haynesworth (pick 15) to the Titans ... Haislip (pick 13) to the Bucks.

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