RECRUITING: The Lowdown on L.T.

If you're known by the initials J.R. you had better look good in a cowboy hat, if you use the moniker E.F. you should know a good investment when you see one and if your calling card says O.J., well, shouldn't you be looking for the real killers?

Likewise, if you're a football player known as L.T., as made legendary by Lawrence Taylor, you should be able to strike fear in an offensive lineman, cause panic in a quarterback and create havoc for a team trying to advance the football.

Meet L.T. Walker, a 6-foot-4, 305-pound defensive tackle from Wynne, Ark., who has terrorized Class-AAAA offenses for the last three seasons and is poised for another memorable campaign. As a junior, Walker overcame an array of blockers to record 62 tackles with five sacks and an interception, leading Wynne to the state title.

A varsity starter since the ninth grade, Walker has 5.1 speed, quick feet and outstanding agility in the trenches. Blessed with good natural strength, he bench presses 320 pound, squats 450 and power cleans 280.

"think I can do it all," Walker said. "I am big enough and strong enough to stop the run, but I can pursue across the line, get up field and I know I am going to have to deal with the double team no matter what."

Getting back to the state championship will be a tall order given the losses to graduation Wynne suffered. That also means Walker may find it difficult to amass impressive stats with the share of double and triple team blocking schemes he will encounter. However, as long as he is forcing opponents to account for him and freeing up teammates to make plays, he couldn't care less about his statistics.

"You don't need a lot of stats to be dominate or a key player out there," Walker told's Steve Ryan. "If they focus enough on you, that makes everyone better and besides, I still don't think they can stop me."

Obviously, confidence is a big part of Walker's success and so is attitude.

"You got to be mean as hell in there or someone is going to put you on your back," he said. "You can't give them nothing, because all they want to see is you slip up just a little and then they think they've got you. I'm not giving them that, I don't care how many guys they put on me. They are going to have to work to keep me from making an impact."

If L.T. Walker remains motivated and dedicates himself to the weight room he could have an early impact on the next level. Where he will spend the next level is a more pressing issue.

His favorites list includes: Arkansas, Florida State, LSU, Mississippi, Oregon, Tennessee and USC. He currently reports offers from Arkansas, Mississippi, Oregon and Tennessee. The home state Razorbacks would normally be considered the strong favorite, but Walker lives much closer to Memphis than he does to Fayetteville. Mississippi has been on him the longest and UT has been steadily gaining ground. USC may have the inside track is it extends an offer because Walker lived in Pasadena for the first 13 years of his life.

Currently rated the nation's No. 18 defensive tackle by, L.T. is a Legitimate Threat on defense.

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