Frosh jersey numbers

It's football time in Tennessee, and fans lucky enough to attend the Vols' early workouts are eager to know the jersey numbers of the freshmen. So, here goes:

3 Adam Myers-White, DB

5 Rico McCoy, LB

8 Jonathan Crompton, QB

11 Slick Shelley, WR

12 Lucas Taylor, athlete

20 Demetrice Morley, DB

22 LaMarcus Coker, RB

23 Ricardo Kemp, athlete

31 Marsalous Johnson, DB

34 Montario Hardesty, RB

38 Antonio Wardlow, DB

46 Andre Mathis, LB

50 Josh McNeil, C

57 Gerald Williams, DL

67 Malcom Rawls, OL

77 Dan Williams, DL

79 Chris Scott, OL

80 Jeff Cottam, TE

83 Wes Brown, DL

84 Austin Rogers, WR

96 Vladimir Richard, DL

97 Raymond Henderson, DL

99 Demonte Bolden, DT

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