My AP Ballot

I realize preseason polls are meaningless. I realize in projecting how a team might do, you're going to make mistakes.

With that in mind, my early polls will show drastic changes.

For example, I dropped Auburn out of the top 25 and put Oklahoma at No. 24. I didn't have Notre Dame ranked in the preseason Top 25, but how many teams were more impressive in the first week than the Irish? I ranked Notre Dame No. 7. How many teams were more impressive than Georgia? I put the Bulldogs No. 3. They were clearly the best SEC team in Game One.

Georgia Tech went from unranked to 13th.

What makes the first-to-second poll tough is that not all teams played in Week One. What do you do with LSU, Purdue and Texas Tech, teams that didn't play last weekend? I tried not to penalize them, yet, I had to consider what other teams did. Don't you have to put TCU ahead of Texas Tech? And Notre Dame ahead of Purdue?

My preseason poll had Tennessee No. 6. I dropped the Vols to No. 9. Each team ahead of the Vols on my ballot had a better opener.

With that said, here's a look at my AP vote this week:

1. USC, 2. Texas, 3. Georgia, 4. Michigan, 5. Iowa, 6. Florida State, 7. Notre Dame, 8. Florida, 9. Tennessee, 10. Ohio State, 11. LSU, 12. Virginia Tech, 13. Georgia Tech, 14. Louisville, 15. Purdue, 16. Arizona State, 17. Alabama, 18. TCU, 19. Clemson, 20. California, 21. Miami, 22. Boston College, 23. Virginia, 24. Oklahoma, 25. Texas Tech

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