A little gamesmanship?

The week of the Tennessee-Florida football game was always punctuated by a little gamesmanship during Steve Spurrier's tenure in Gainesville. The Gator head man could be counted on for some colorful copy primarily designed to get in the heads of the Vol coaching staff.

With Spurrier now at South Carolina, Vol defensive coordinator John Chavis apparently has decided to fill the gamesmanship void during Florida week. At least that appeared to be the case when he met with the media earlier this week.

Because Urban Meyer's 2005 Gators won their first two games handily – 32-14 over Wyoming and 41-3 over Louisiana Tech – there is speculation that they have shown only a fraction of their offensive package. Asked if he thought Florida was purposely "vanilla" in Games 1 and 2, Chavis began his answer in characteristically serious fashion.

"I looked at a bunch of Utah tape (Meyer's previous coaching stop) and I saw the same plays the first two weeks (at Florida) that I saw at Utah," the Vol coordinator said. "There was a trick play here and there but I haven't seen anything at Utah that I haven't seen at Florida."

Chavis paused, grinned smugly, then added: "Maybe they've got some other stuff. I'm sure they do. Maybe WE'VE got some other stuff. We might. We might not. I don't know."

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