4-Star Officially Visits the Vols

Brandon Minor is a top 5 prospect in the state of Virginia this recruiting year and he was one of several official visitors in Knoxville this past weekend for the Volunteers showdown with Georgia. What did he think of his trip?

"It was real good. I enjoyed the game and the visit up there. I really loved everything about it up there. It was like an 8 for me," Brandon Minor said.

What did he like most about the visit?

"The highlight was really the game, even though they lost. Meeting with the coaches was also good."

Coach Fulmer spent some personal time with Brandon.

"Coach Fulmer was just telling me the situation I would be in if I came there and pointing out how the education and the schoolwork is important. He said I would have a good chance to come in and play."

Minor was hosted by fellow Virginian, David Yancey.

"My host was Yancey. We went out to a restaurant and went riding around town. We hung out with the other players and the other recruits too."

Brandon talks about the town of Knoxville itself.

"The town was really nice. The atmosphere was really wild. They got a whole lot of boats with people on the river and all of that. I enjoyed that."

He still has three visits left to go.

"I'm also going to Miami, Michigan and Virginia Tech. This visit to Tennessee really didn't move them up or down. It just solidified what I already knew about them."

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