Gerald Riggs

UT's Gerald Riggs had an 80-yard run against Auburn last season. He might have another huge run this season. But it won't be because of shake-and-bake moves.

``He's not a wiggle guy that makes four or five moves,'' running backs coach Trooper Taylor said. ``He's going to give you one move. If it doesn't work, he's going to try to run you over. That's what he brings to the table. He's a physical, bruising running back.''

Taylor said he'd like to see Riggs make the first tackler miss more often.

``But there's not a drill for that,'' Taylor said. ``It's something he's got to be able to do with his style of running. The one thing I'm not going to do is try to make him be something that he's not. I'm going to allow him to be Gerald Riggs and so far that's been productive for us.''

Taylor said he wishes Riggs could have put a move on the LSU safety when Riggs broke a 21-yard draw play in the fourth quarter in Baton Rouge. Instead, Riggs tried to run over LeRon Landry.

``His deal is power running,'' Taylor said.

Riggs is averaging 94.2 rushing yards per game, but his per carry average has dropped to 4.2. He averaged 5.7 last year.

``I think he's done pretty well,'' Taylor said. ``He started off slow just because I don't think he got enough slugs in the scrimmages.''

Some fans believe Riggs tips plays. If he lines up closer than 7 yards to the line, it's a pass, they claim.

Sanders said UT instructs Riggs to line up 7 yards each time in the I-formation.

``We try to line up Riggs at the same spot,'' Sanders said.

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