Clausen Says Vols Like Road Trips

Vols quarterback Rick Clausen said he enjoys playing on the road, especially in a hostile environment like Alabama's Bryant-Denny Stadium.

``It's basically our team against the world and we enjoy that mentality,'' Clausen said.

Clausen said the Vols are motivated by those who have written the team off.

``When we get written off, it's a shot to our pride,'' Clausen said. ``One thing this program has is a lot of pride.

``We don't like it when people take shots at us and we take it personally. The players do, the coaches do, the families do. We're going to try to prove people wrong.''

Simon said one reason you come to the SEC is to play in games like this.

``As a defensive guy, yes, I like playing on the road,'' Simon said. ``You hear the boos of the crowd. It's kind of like an us-against-them mentality. Who's going to win? Who's going to flinch first? It's why you play the game of football.''

Since 2000, UT is 5-3 on the road against Top 10 teams but 0-7 at home.

No margin for Error

With Tennessee projected to win the SEC, a 3-2 start has left fans disgruntled.

Clausen understands the frustration, saying it's a part of the territory when you come to a big-time program.

``We didn't want any margin for error,'' Clausen said of this season's high hopes. ``You lose one game, people get upset. You lose two games, people get very upset. That's the way I want it. They're not happy. We're not happy. The coaches are not happy.''

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