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Sanders said he expects South Carolina to show quite a few defensive wrinkles.

Sanders Facing Three `Wild' Coaches

``Three of the wildest coordinators I know are John Thompson, Dave Womack and Tyrone Nix and now they've got all three together,'' Sanders said. ``Very few things you see on (South Carolina's) film you haven't seen before or we haven't faced at some point this season, but it's just the conglomeration of it all coming from the same team.

``We're getting ready to play a team that has done everything. There's not many defense known to man that they've not done at some point this year. We'll have to do a great job managing it. Fortunately, we've got some experienced guys up front. That's where our challenge lies. You can only do what your offensive line and quarterback can manage.''

Slade Says UT Will Be Emotionally Ready

Secondary coach Larry Slade said he's confident the Vols will be emotionally ready to play the Gamecocks.

``Our guys go out and practice hard and practice with great tempo,'' Slade said. ``When you do that all week, it carries over to the game. You always, from a psychological standpoint, worry about that. But we've got some good people, real good leadership. I expect us to play well.''

Slade said the defense hasn't blamed the offense for the 3-3 record. ``It is a team game,'' Slade said. ``We understand we win and lose as a team. Our guys are outstanding in that respect. On lesser teams if you didn't have the leadership that we have, I guess you'd have some of that going on, but we don't have any of that going on.''

SEC Defenses Tougher Than Before, Spurrier Says

Steve Spurrier said it's harder to score points in the SEC because defenses are better than when he was at Florida.

``Everybody is quick, strong, fast, well coached,'' Spurrier said. ``You not only have to design a play to get a guy open, but you've got to block guys. I'm not sure if there's been a philosophy change. The difference is the guys are bigger, stronger, faster and they train year round. You might say the offense should be faster, too, but those defensive linemen always run faster than offensive linemen.''

The SEC has seven defenses that rank among the nation's top 30 but no offenses.

Many credit - or blame - Spurrier for the defensive improvement. Teams had to recruit speed to keep up with Spurrier's high-flying Gators.

Spurrier shrugged off that suggestion.

``We all try to recruit the best athletes we can,'' Spurrier said. ``I think NFL coaches' schemes have drifted to the college ranks. The schemes are more difficult and the players are better.''

NOTES: As a head coach, Steve Spurrier is 9-5 against Tennessee - 8-4 at Florida, 1-1 at Duke. He is 4-4 as a head coach at Neyland Stadium but he had an additional win as Duke's offensive coordinator in 1982. . UT's schedule eases considerably down the stretch. According to Sagarin's ratings, South Carolina is No. 62, while Memphis is 66, Vanderbilt 68 and Kentucky 102. Notre Dame is No. 7. UT has already played four top 20 teams: No. 8 LSU, 10 Georgia, 16 Alabama and 19 Florida. Ole Miss was 74, UAB 103. . The NCAA rates UT's schedule thus far No. 3 in the nation behind Arkansas and Oklahoma. . While one Tennessee fan said the Vols passed just once on first down against Alabama, UT actually passed on nine of 23 first downs, seven by Rick Clausen. . Asked why South Carolina ranks last in the SEC in rushing and 111th in the nation, Spurrier said it was a combination of not good blocking, not good running and not good coaching. . Mike Hammond has resigned as the public address announcer for UT men's basketball, citing politics and family reasons. UT will announce a replacement soon.

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