Weis a true genius

Charlie Weis' reputation as an offensive genius is well deserved. He has an IQ of 160 – 140 or higher is considered genius level – and he has parlayed his brain and his players' brawn into a winning combination in his first year as head coach at Notre Dame.

The fact the upstart Fighting Irish carry a 5-2 record and a No. 8 national ranking into Saturday's game with Tennessee suggests Weis knows his stuff. But here are some comments from a few of his more notable admirers that underscore just how highly he is regarded within his profession:

CHRIS MORTENSON, ESPN NFL Analyst: "Charlie Weis is a genius. You hear that term a lot in football, but I mean he is really a genius. He may be the only true genius in the NFL. He scored a perfect 1,600 on the SAT. He's got a 160 IQ. That comes in handy in football.

"There are a lot of people who can draw up Xs and Os. I remember Joe Gibbs telling me that there were a lot of coordinators who can come up with brilliant game plans during the week. The key is what happens after the kickoff. Can they manage a game? Who makes the in-game adjustment?

"Weis is brilliant at that. I'm not talking about what happens at halftime. I'm talking about making them between plays during the first, second and third quarter. Can they see what is happening on the field with the human element and then fix the problems? Charlie is great at that."

BILL POLIAN, General Manager of the Indianapolis Colts: "Charlie has proven to be one of the outstanding offensive minds in football. His teams are exceptional in their use of personnel, exceptional in the way they attack defenses, exceptional in the concepts they use. You (Notre Dame) have hired a guy who clearly is on the cutting edge of offensive football."

CHICAGO TRIBUNE: "Weis is widely considered an offensive mastermind who excels in player development, a man who transformed Patriots quarterback Tom Brady, a lightly regarded sixth-round pick out of Michigan, into a two-time Super Bowl MVP."

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