Fulmer Buyout?

For those fans who think Phillip Fulmer should be fired, it would come with a heavy price tag.

The seven-year deal Fulmer signed after the Cotton Bowl calls for an annual salary of $2.05 million with a base of $325,000. If Fulmer is fired after this season - a moot point, according to Hamilton - he would get one year of his total package, five years of his base pay and $1 million.

That adds up to just over $4.6 million.

An athletic department that operated last year at a $1.4 million deficit after firing men's basketball coach Buzz Peterson couldn't handle a hit of $4.6 million.

If Fulmer is fired after the 2006 season, the buyout would exceed $4.3 million.

Hamilton said the buyout isn't out of line, considering agreements at some other schools.

Fulmer and his agent, Jimmy Sexton, asked for a $6 million buyout if Fulmer is fired but the parties agreed on the lesser numbers, according to Hamilton.

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