Trooper Happy at UT

Despite rumors to the contrary, UT running backs coach Trooper Taylor said he's happy at Tennessee and has no plans to leave.

``I'm not looking to move,'' Taylor said. ``I'm looking to win a championship.''

Taylor said he turned down a chance to coach at Texas after last season because Fulmer had already talked to him about a promotion.

``That meant a lot,'' Taylor said. ``If you make an offer after someone else tries to hire you, then why couldn't you have done that in the first place.''

Taylor said he was not upset that he wasn't the primary play caller for the Notre Dame game, another popular rumor. After Randy Sanders resigned as offensive coordinator, Fulmer said plays would be called by committee.

``I got to call some of the plays,'' Taylor said. ``Like coach Fulmer said, it was done by committee.''

UT has several recruits coming to the homecoming game Saturday against Memphis and Taylor said it's important for Vol fans to attend.

``The more fans we have, the better it is for recruiting,'' Taylor said. ``It's huge. They (schools recruiting against UT) can't talk about our tradition or facilities. They can't hit us with anything outside of a lack of fan support. We need to show guys (recruits) our fans support us even when we're down.''

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