Just for Kicks

You might be wondering why Tennessee would take a commitment from two kickers - Daniel Lincoln of Ocala, Fla., and Jonas Seiber of Central High School.

Good question.

First, kicker James Wilhoit, who has made eight of his last nine field goals, is a senior. It's likely that a true freshman will replace him.

Secondly, the Vols don't have a competent punter behind Britton Colquitt. They need a backup.

If Lincoln becomes the kicker, Seiber will be the punter, or vice versa. Also, it doesn't hurt to have two kickers in camp, because you don't know which will make the transition from high school to college.

It's interesting that Seiber hit 10 of 15 field goals and nailed a 65-yarder in practice with a stress fracture, apparently caused by too much kicking.

Seiber tells a humorous story about his long practice kick.

``Coach (Joel) Helton told me he'd give me all the change in his pocket if I could make the 65-yarder,'' Seiber said. ``When I did, he gave me all the change in his pocket - 12 cents.''

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