Pearl keeps coaching

New Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl demands that his players keep hustling for the full 40 minutes, so it's only fitting that he keep coaching for the full 40 minutes … even when the game is out of reach and the walk-ons are on the floor.

Pearl proved as much near the end of the Vols' recent game with Eastern Kentucky.

With an 85-54 lead and two minutes to go, his lineup consisted of little-used guard Jordan Howell, freshman Ryan Childress and three walk-ons – Eddie DeBro, Ben Bosse and Jonah Cox.

Despite a 31-point lead, Pearl was pacing the sidelines like a hungry lion, gathering and processing information, then hollering instructions at his team. At one point he shouted at Cox to get deeper into the corner to improve Tennessee's spacing. Cox did as he was told, and UT scored seconds later.

Pearl kept coaching, and his players kept hustling.

Incredibly, Vol scrubs actually expanded the lead by outscoring EKU's players 7-4 in those final two minutes, producing a 92-58 final score.

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