Swain on PW's firing

When Randy Sanders resigned as Tennessee's offensive coordinator, quarterback Rick Clausen defended the Vol aide by blaming himself for the lack of production in UT's passing game.

When Jimmy Ray Stephens was fired as Tennessee's offensive line coach, guard Rob Smith defended the Vol aide and denounced the dismissal as being grossly unfair.

When Pat Washington was fired as Tennessee's receivers coach, however, wideout Jayson Swain didn't exactly leap to the Vol aide's defense. His failure to do so may have spoken volumes.

"Whenever somebody gets dismissed it's not a happy feeling," Swain said, choosing his words carefully. "But, at the same time, Coach (Phillip) Fulmer was doing what he feels is best for the team. That's something you need to respect.

"Everybody's here to win games, and that's what we're going to try to do."

Asked if he noted tell-tale signs in practice that the receiving corps was not preparing properly for last season's games, Swain shrugged.

"I'm pretty sure everybody knew the practice tempo was not where it needed to be," he said. "With Coach Cutcliffe (new coordinator David Cutcliffe) it will be a lot higher, a lot more intense.

"The main thing is that this is a game, and we're going to have fun. We'll go out there, play hard, make plays and do what we came here to do. I think we'll have a good chance to do that under Coach Cutcliffe."

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