UT should hire Spurrier

Somehow, the search for a wide receivers coach to complete Tennessee's football staff has overlooked an obvious option … Steve Spurrier.

Not Steve Sr., but Steve Jr. He's the wide receivers coach at South Carolina, where his celebrated daddy just happens to be head man.

Can you imagine how "The Ol' Ball Coach" would react if he got a call from UT head man Phillip Fulmer asking permission to speak to Junior about the Vol vacancy?

FULMER: "Steve, this is Coach Fulmer. I was wondering if I could speak with one of your assistants about a vacancy on our staff."

SPURRIER: "You're interested in hiring one of MY guys?"

FULMER: "Yep. Your team beat mine this year, so I figure if you can't beat ‘em, hire ‘em."

SPURRIER: "Who are you wanting to talk to, Phil?"

FULMER: "I was thinking your son might be a good fit, Steve."

SPURRIER: "That's a good one, Phil. Not as funny as my line ‘You can't spell Citrus without UT' but it's still pretty clever. Now what do you REALLY want?"

FULMER: "I want to talk to Steve Jr. He's a receivers coach and we're looking for a receivers coach."

SPURRIER: "OK (laughs). You have my permission to talk to him, Phil. Is there anything else?"

FULMER: "Yeah. If we hire Steve, do you think Sidney Rice might be willing to come along, too?"

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