Bama Enters Mustain Picture

Mitch Mustain's Magical Mystery Tour took a detour tonight when the nation's top-rated quarterback revealed on Fox's Countdown to Signing Day show that he has added Alabama to his final four favorites, which also includes Notre Dame, Arkansas and Tennessee.

"There are a few select schools I am considering, and hopefully I will make the right decision," Mustain said on the program. "The past few weeks have been crazy. It was to my best interest that I opened everything back up. I hated to do it, but I don't regret my decision at all."

Mustain, who decommitted from Arkansas two weeks ago and reopened the recruiting process, verified he had told Springdale head coach Gus Malzahn of his intention to look around before Malzahn accepted the job as Arkansas' offensive coordinator. Now his former high school head coach is recruiting Mustain to run a very similar offense at Arkansas that he used at Springdale.

"I made it clear to him before he took the Arkansas job that I felt I needed to look around," Mustain stated. "He fully understood and supported me. Now he is recruiting me for Arkansas."

Looking around will require some creative scheduling by Mustain if he is to pay official visits to three schools between the end of U.S. Army All-American activities on Jan. 7 and national signing day on Feb. 2.

However, it appears Tennessee is in a strong position to host the National Player of the Year.

"The history of the program shows that they know how to win," Mustain said when asked about the attraction to UT. "I think they are heading in the right direction. I like Coach (David) Cutcliffe a lot."

Mustain seems determined to investigate all the facts about his choices, but the decision will probably come down to a feeling of comfort.

"All the schools I am considering I have a strong interest in," he said. "I am going to go to the school where I feel the most comfortable. I want to go to a great program where I will have a strong relationship with the coaching staff."

Stay tuned: the courtship of Mitch Mustain could conclude in a photo finish.

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