Bowling Anyone?

Now that the riffraff bowls are out of the way, analysts Randy Moore and Jeffery Stewart are ready to showcase their predicting skills in the 22 remaining bowl games.

They're splitting the picks into two sets of seven games and one set of eight games because, frankly, they don't want to overwork their brains so close to the holidays.

Here are their picks for the first set of bowl games:


(Detroit, Dec. 26)

Akron vs. Memphis

Randy's pick: I'm still disappointed I didn't get to see Tiger tailback DeAngelo Williams play against Tennessee but at least I'll get to watch him zap the Zips. Memphis 27, Akron 17.

Jeffery's pick: It's a sure sign of the leveling of college football when Tennessee and Texas A&M are home for the holidays and dregs like these are in a bowl game getting $750,000 to play each other. That raises the question: will anyone pay to watch? DeAngelo Williams is at least worth watching on television and the primary reason I'm taking the Tigers over the Zips. Memphis 24, Akron 20.


(Orlando, Dec. 27)

Clemson vs. Colorado

Randy's pick: Clemson finished the regular season on a roll; Colorado collapsed at the finish line. I'm going with momentum. Clemson 31, Colorado 21.

Jeffery's pick: Colorado was the path of least resistance for Texas' trip to the Pasadena, and I doubt doubt the Buffs will be anything more than a stationary object for Clemson which seems to play well under Bowden in bowl games. Clemson 34, Colorado 17.


(Phoenix, Dec. 27

Arizona State vs. Rutgers

Randy's pick: Rutgers just signed its head coach to a seven-year contract extension. Is that the kiss of death or what? Arizona State 34, Rutgers 20.

Jeffery's pick: I can't offer much in the way of insight for this bowl classic, but it is practically a home game for the Sun Devils. Conversely, the Scarlet Knights will feel like aliens playing far from the Jersey shore in the dry heat and mountain time zone. Heck, they'll probably feel alien enough just playing in a bowl game. Arizona State 41, Rutgers 24.


(Boise, Dec. 28)

Boise State vs. Boston College

Randy's pick: This is a home game for Boise, so Boston College is in trouble, unless Doug Flutie gets to play quarterback one last time. Boise 27, Boston College 21.

Jeffery's pick: If the Eagles can overcome the surreal feel of playing on blue turf in Idaho, they should be able to overcome Boise State. Maybe if they wear yellow contacts the blue turf will look green. It's difficult to calculate how the loss of head coach Dan Hawkins will affect the Broncos, but it can't be good given that BSU was never invited to a bowl game until he came on the scene five years ago. Boston College 31, Boise State 27.


(San Antonio, Dec. 28)

Nebraska vs. Michigan

Randy's pick: I remember when this matchup would've been a classic. This year it's just a way to pass the time while wolfing down your Christmas leftovers. Michigan 31, Nebraska 24

Jeffery's pick: You might not recognize the bowl game but the teams are post season fixtures and that will add some luster to an otherwise ordinary affair. Nebraska is slowly improving under former Raider head coach Bill Callahan, but Michigan is a superior team that should draw some motivation from playing a tradition-rich opponent. Michigan 40, Nebraska 17.


(San Francisco, Dec. 29)

Utah vs. Georgia Tech

Randy's pick: Rather than spend a lot of time breaking down intersectional match-ups, I usually just pick the Southern team. Georgia Tech 28, Utah 20

Jeffery's pick: Even though this game is being played in San Francisco, it's hardly an earthshaking athletic event. This looks like a match between the Utes spread offense and the Jackets hard-boiled defense. Georgia Tech has played the tougher schedule and Chan Galey has a knack for putting together good game plans with this much time to prepare. Georgia Tech 24, Utah 16.


(San Diego, Dec. 29)

Oregon vs. Oklahoma

Randy's pick: Oregon's uniforms are more appropriate for Halloween than New Year's, but I'm going with the Ducks anyway. Oregon 27, Oklahoma 24.

Jeffery's pick: Since its inception the Holiday Bowl has been one of the most entertaining of post season clashes, and this one has the potential to live up to that tradition. I'm taking the Sooners because they played better later in the season than the Ducks. Oklahoma 35, Oregon 30.

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