Brady rips Pearl

Tennessee basketball coach Bruce Pearl showed a lot more class in losing Saturday night at Baton Rouge than LSU coach John Brady did in winning.

Moments after the Tigers concluded an 88-74 defeat of the Vols, Brady stood near press row and grumbled a comment that was overheard by several reporters and reprinted in The Tennessean:

"Tell their coach to show some class. What's he doing holding up Bradshaw's hand to the student section? Show a little class. Act like you've been there."

Brady's gruff comment came in response to a playful gesture by Pearl late in the game. Vol forward Dane Bradshaw had been swapping verbal jabs with the LSU student section for much of the game. With the students chanting Bradshaw's name, Pearl elected to put him back in the lineup with 1:07 remaining. To call attention to the fact, Pearl walked Bradshaw to the scorer's table, then raised his hand.

This obviously offended Brady, hence the post-game comments.

Pearl declined comment except to note: "I think their students appreciated it. They were having fun with it."

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