Brady-Pearl incident

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton plans to talk to the SEC office regarding comments made by LSU coach John Brady that Tennessee coach Bruce Pearl's apparent lack of class, according to a source.

``Tell their coach to show some class,'' Brady said post game Saturday night along press row within earshot of Chris Low of The Tennessean. ``What's he doing holding up (Dane) Bradshaw's hand to the student section? Show a little class. Act like you've been there.''

Low said Brady made the statements in a loud voice and was looking at Low when he said it. Low said he was seated a few feet from Brady, who was waiting to do his post-game radio show. Brady contends the comments were directed at some friends during a ``private conversation.''

Toward the end of the Tennessee-LSU game, with the LSU student section taunting the Vols' Bradshaw, Pearl held Bradshaw's hand up in the air and inserted him into the game with about a minute left. That revved up the student section.

Pearl said he put Bradshaw in because the Vols needed a 3-pointer, not in response to the LSU students.

Pearl said he thought Brady's remarks were inappropriate. Pearl also said he has no negative history with Brady that would cause Brady to take personal shots.

The next day, Brady complimented the job Pearl has done at Tennessee and said if he had to vote for SEC Coach of the Year today, he would vote for Pearl.

``I've been in this league nine years and my relationships with the coaches are excellent,'' Brady told the Baton Rouge Morning Advocate. ``I respect every one of them because I know how hard this job is.''

If that's true, then why rip Pearl behind his back? Is Brady that two-faced?

Two questions:

1. Why was Brady so upset with Pearl's good-natured interaction with the LSU fans? Brady's team won by 14 points. Seems to me this was a no-harm, no-foul incident.

2. Brady has no business making those comments at press row unless he expects them to show up in print. If you're going to play the private-conversation card, then have the conversation in private, not on press row. Moreover, Low said he's convinced Brady intended for Low to hear what he said.

Brady owes Pearl an apology. As of late Tuesday morning, the two had not talked.

We all say things in private that we don't want the world to hear. But if I say something bad about my boss while standing outside his door, and he hears it, am I going to invoke the ``private conversation'' rule? What Brady said is bad enough, but to say it at press row is poor judgment.

It's common knowledge that Brady is a hot head. Maybe he needs a course in anger management.

He's got a marvelously talented team that should win the West Division and play in the NCAA Tournament. He doesn't need to taint this season by taking unjustified shots at opposing coaches -- even in private.

UT Hoops Revenue on the Rise

Tennessee athletic director Mike Hamilton said the biggest source of untapped revenue at Tennessee was men's basketball.

Bruce Pearl is helping to prove the point.

With the Vols averaging 3,300 per game more than last year in attendance, concessions sales have already exceeded last year. UT has over $311,000 in concessions with seven games remaining. Last year?s concessions: $298,000.

Also, ticket-sales revenue has already matched all of last season.

Tennessee averaged 12,200 in paid attendance last year. UT is averaging over 15,500 this season with seven home games remaining. UT is expecting huge turnouts against Florida, Vanderbilt and Kentucky which could push attendance to over 16,000.

If UT averages 4,000 more per game than last year, that would pay for Bruce Pearl's $800,000 salary in increased ticket sales, concessions and souvenirs.

McDaniel Saga Continues

The sage of defensive tackle Tony McDaniel continues.

Last Wednesday, McDaniel declared he was returning to Tennessee after meeting with Vols coaches Phillip Fulmer and Dan Brooks. Two days later, after an $800,000 lawsuit was filed against him by the man McDaniel punched during a pickup basketball game, McDaniel had a change of heart and filed papers to turn pro.

McDaniel was supposed to sign with Synergy Sports Management out of Greenville, S.C., Saturday morning but he was a no show. As of Monday afternoon, no one had seen him since hours before his agent appointment. He did call an agent during the wee hours Sunday morning to say he was overwhelmed by the situation and wasn't sure what to do.

Monday was the deadline to declare for the NFL draft, but under the ``Donte Stallworth Rule,'' players have 72 hours to change their mind. Thus, McDaniel could reverse field by Thursday, but that's unlikely, considering he also has some academic obstacles to overcome to be eligible at Tennessee this fall.

Stay tuned.

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