Tall order

"Rupp's Runts" they ain't.

The Kentucky basketball team that hosts Tennessee Tuesday night in Lexington surely features more size than any roster in all of college hoops.

Leading the way is 7-foot-3, 271-pound Shagari Alleyne. Then there's 7-foot-2, 240-pound Jared Carter, 7-foot, 270-pound Lucasz Obrzut and 6-foot-11, 266-pound Randolph Morris.

Bottom line: The Big Blue has four guys taller than Tennessee's biggest player – 6-foot-10, 250-pound Major Wingate. Moreover, the Vols' second-biggest starter is 6-foot-7, 217-pound Andre Patterson.

How will the Big Orange combat UK's imposing size? Probably the same way the Vols tried to neutralize Ole Miss' size Saturday at Thompson-Boling Arena. The Rebels' post players aren't nearly as tall as Kentucky's but they're beefier. Dwayne Curtis (6-8, 290) and Jeremy Parnell (6-8, 245) are Ole Miss starters. Rebel reserves include Marquis Young (6-9, 310), Mike Smith (6-7, 275) and Xavier Hansbro (6-9, 225).

By establishing a fast pace and double-teaming the ball when it went inside, Tennessee limited Curtis to 10 points, Parnell to 0 and Smith to 9. Young and Hansbro didn't see action. So how did the Vols contain these super-sized Rebels?

"We did a good job of fronting," UT coach Bruce Pearl said. "We did a good job of back-side help. When the ball went in there, we went in there and got it … doubled it. And the pace kept them out of it (offense) a lot."

The Vol coach hopes those strategies will work equally well against the towering Wildcats. Otherwise, Tuesday's challenge could be a "tall order" indeed.

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