Defense dominates UT scrimmage

Here's all you need to know about Saturday's Tennessee football scrimmage: The biggest offensive play of the day was a pass thrown by a walk-on and caught by a BASKETBALL player.

Stanley Asumnu, a 6-5, 215-pounder who recently exhausted his collegiate hoops eligibility, made a leaping catch of a 50-yard pass from non-scholarship quarterback Jim Bob Cooter midway through the workout.

It should be noted that the play came against mostly third-team defenders. Otherwise, the defense dominated the second full-scale scrimmage of the spring.

Head coach Phillip Fulmer summed it up rather curtly. After referring to Asumnu as "a bonus," the Vol coach added: "The only exciting thing that happened today, he did. That's a sad state of affairs when you talk about the entire day with our receivers."

What follows is a recap of the highlights and lowlights of the scrimmage:

- Erik Ainge made a strong throw over the middle for a 13-yard gain to Josh Briscoe.

- Jakouri Williams bolted through a nice hole for a 13-yard gain against the No. 2 defense.

- Senior defensive tackle Justin Harrell burst through a gap to throw fullback Cory Anderson for a two-yard loss.

- Redshirt freshman linebacker Rico McCoy made a strong open-field tackle on David Holbert after a one-yard gain.

- Ainge found Bret Smith over the middle for a 14-yard gain.

- Jakouri Williams bounced outside for a nifty 12-yard gain that would've picked up another five yards except for an illegal-block-downfield penalty.

- Senior safety Antwan Stewart picked off a ball Jonathan Crompton threw over the middle into double coverage, then returned it roughly 15 yards.

- Five plays after his first "Oskie," Stewart outbattled 6-foot-5 Casey Woods to intercept a fade route thrown by Erik Ainge.

- Tailback David Yancey broke a couple of tackles on a six-yard gain.

- James Wilhoit hit back-to-back 21-yard field goal attempts.

- Rico McCoy made a big hit on Jakouri Williams, resulting in a two-yard loss.

- Tight end Jeff Cottam had two passes slip off his fingertips in a three-play span.

- Justin Harrell stormed through an opening to throw David Yancey for a one-yard loss.

- Cornerback Inky Johnson made an excellent break on the ball to break up an Ainge pass intended for Robert Meachem.

- Josh Briscoe dropped a perfect strike from Ainge on a crossing route.

- Stanley Asumnu dropped a nice throw from Jim Bob Cooter.

- Two plays after his drop, Asumnu went up over a defensive back to pull down the 50-yard bomb from Cooter.

- On the very next play Asumnu caught a would-be touchdown pass in the back of the end zone but was ruled out of bounds.

- Walk-on kicker David Campbell nailed a 38-yard field goal.

- Jonathan Crompton found Casey Woods for a 15-yard gain.

- A fine interception by Jonathan Hefney was nullified by an offsides penalty.

- Linebacker Ellix Wilson sacked Crompton on a delayed blitz. Two plays later linebacker Adam Myers-White sacked Crompton again.

- Crompton found Bret Smith for 20 yards. Four plays later Ricardo Kemp knifed into the end zone from four yards out.

- Josh Briscoe suffered his second drop of the day, mishandling a fine throw from Ainge.

- Linebacker Ryan Karl sniffed out a screen pass and threw 265-pound Cory Anderson for a six-yard loss.

- Bo Hardegree and Josh Briscoe hooked up on a 55-yard pass/run play against third-team defenders.

- Wes Brown got to Hardegree for a six-yard sack.

- Hardegree connected with tight end Jeff Cottam on a 24-yard pass to the 1-yard line. Ricardo Kemp scored on the next play.

- Ellix Wilson recorded his second sack of the afternoon, getting Ainge for a five-yard loss.

- David Yancey broke two tackles, turning what should've been a three-yard loss into a one-yard gain.

- Demetrice Morley made a great break on the ball to tip a pass thrown by Ainge.

- James Wilhoit missed a 41-yard field goal try, then nailed four in a row from the same distance.

- Jonathan Crompton hit David Grimes for a 15-yard gain.

- Lucas Taylor showcased his elusiveness on back-to-back plays, turning a pair of short passes into gains of 12 and 13 yards.

- Bret Smith dropped his second pass of the afternoon, a strike from Ainge on a quick out.

- Demetrice Morley tipped another pass over the middle by Ainge.

- James Wilhoit boomed a 45-yard field goal that cleared the crossbar with probably 10 yards to spare.

- Jonathan Hefney made a brilliant break to nearly intercept a pass over the middle from Ainge.

- Wes Brown recorded a six-yard sack of Bo Hardegree.

- Casey Woods dropped a pass from Hardegree.

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