Crompton not content at No. 2

Redshirt freshman Jonathan Crompton isn't complaining about being Tennessee's No. 2 quarterback but he isn't jumping for joy, either.

When a reporter asked following Saturday's scrimmage if he's content backing up rising junior Erik Ainge, Crompton frowned.

"Content?" he repeated. "Nobody's ever content with anything. I'm a competitor, and I'm not content with anything in my life right now."

Rephrasing a bit, the reporter asked if Crompton finds it "acceptable" backing up a more experienced player. This was met with another frown.

"No," Crompton said. "That's just the competitor in me. I'm not content with anything."

Offensive coordinator David Cutcliffe nodded when told of Crompton's comments about not being content with the No. 2 job.

"I would hope that would be his attitude," the Vol aide said. "I would hope that's (the attitude of) everybody on this football team. I don't think anybody should be playing major college football that doesn't feel that way."

Jonathan Crompton actually posted better scrimmage numbers than Ainge on Saturday, completing 11 of 20 passes for 91 yards, compared to Ainge's 13 of 31 for 102 yards. Each threw an interception.

When asked how he felt he did, however, Crompton shrugged.

"I don't really know," he said. "I've just got to watch the film and see. I'm my own worst critic."

That's probably true. Cutcliffe seems very pleased with the strides the young quarterback is making this spring.

"I've been really tickled with where he is, from the standpoint of learning and poise and throwing himself in the fray and handling himself because he's had no work before now," the coordinator noted. "But am I pleased with any quarterback right now? No. We can be better than what we are."

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